The things we learn are the things that rule our lives
so lets learn to love each other

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

truth and the light

I'm here to fight for the truth and the light so bounce to the beat and let these words take flight wisdom and wonder is the spell I'll have you under as I'm speaking words that thunder.As I sit looking at the sky watching the clouds as they're rolling by I think to myself and I wonder why There's no love or loyalty after the age of eighteen You're a grown man so why don't you stand on your own two feet Its not my problem if you can't eat, if you've no where to go and no place too sleep.I'm not your shepherd an you're not my sheep.Is the most common philosophy.well if I'm down and in need don't turn your back on me but lend me your hand and pull me up even if I'm a total screw up cause I may be another victim see of a sick ass society one who exchanges their faith from hand to hand with no love for their fellow man I said one who exchanges their faith from hand to hand and yea I'm talking bout money man.Well I'm here to make a change so take these words and imprint them in your brain,cause I'm here to make a change.Instead of charging we should give that's what our lord and savior did But look what that got him. He was beaten and drug and hung from a cross trying to save the lost, trying to save the lost Well that's not what he's asking of you he's not asking you to pay that cost he's not asking you to bear his cross.He just wants you to do your part,the part that you know deep in your heart to be the only way.Owniananway !!To love your brothers as you love yourself is the only way.To love your sisters as you love yourself is the only way to live for others and not yourself is the only way..Sierta Disokay Isokitay Owniananway !!We can sit around and wait for disasters to take place or we can pull together,try to save the human race. Owniananway !! Owniananway !! Sierta Disokay Isokitay !! Owniananway !! Owniananway !!If I had just one wish this is what it would be!That you and I could live together in harmony That when I went to work it was for you and not me,for the benefit of humanity and everything on God's green earth was free I have a suggestion for you Owniananway!!

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